TALK.GOLF is a secure social platform where golfers, fans, businesses, and brands will be able to share news, content, and opinions.


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Become the Owner of Golf's Social Platform.

Key Features

A fast, secure social platform, loaded with features.


Users will be able to review just about anything related to golf, including (but not limited to) equipment, stores, courses, resorts, and events.


Sell (new or slightly used) golf equipment, tour tickets, gift certificates, rounds of golf, subscriptions, and more.


Get verified effortlessly. A blue check makes content more trustworthy.

2nd Screen

Sick of the same ol' broadcasters recycling the same tired jokes? Hit mute, and fire up '2nd Screen' - a true second-screen experience.

Paid Points

Get awarded for content posted. Cash out to shop, gamble or play games.


Gambling and golf go together like cookies and milk. Get ready to lay down some "points" on props and players in about two clicks.

More Talk.Golf Features...

  • WALLET - A secured digital wallet to store virtual points. Replenish via Paypal or Credit Card.
  • ADS CENTER - Promote your brand, page, and more through adverts and content boosts.
  • EVENTS - Create events including local, regional, and even virtual. (Public or Private.)
  • GROUPS - Create groups to foster even more hyper engagement. (Public or Private.)
  • PAGES - Users can create "pages" to promote golf-related brands and personalities.
  • FORUMS - Verified users can create an unlimited number of forums (and subs) to, well, talk golf.
  • PLUS - Blogs, Stories, Polls, Emojis, GIPHY, Photo Galleries, Notifications, Social Login (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google), and more.

Fan Pages

Follow your favorites to stay engaged.

Fan Pages will act as content hubs, and will be moderated to keep the conversation flowing fairly and freely.

Interested in being a mod of a fan page (e.g. Tiger Woods) with the ability to monetize? Click the contact link.

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